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Welcome to Jonda

A world of romance and fantasy.


Those with weak nerves or frail hearts beware!  This is no idle stroll through some gnome-infested fantasy land, but a gripping saga of blood, lust, pain, and passion which unfolds in the midst of a war-torn fictional world called Jonda, where the recent emergence of a very great evil in the form of black warrior dragons has plunged the once peaceful populace into the tumult of a savage war and almost certain doom. 

From the Hawthic war camps upon the windswept Saarian desert, to the shadowy dungeons of Calon, through desperate battles and betrayals, we follow D'Lyon's struggles to stem the onrush of evil before it consumes the whole of Jonda and his fight to tame the fiery princess who has inflamed his heart. 

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A Two Book Series
D'Lyon and the Avlon, Book One: Warlords of the Fire Mountains
D'Lyon and the Avlon, Book Two: Warrior Dragons of Jaarn