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By Raymond Conrad

A sizzling romance in a savage fantasy world.


Book Summaries:


Book One: Warlords of the Fire Mountains

Trade Paperback ● 431 pages ● ISBN:  0-9717559-0-6

Guarded throughout the ages in the Thiot temples of Calon, the Eggs of Darkness, unhatched offspring of black warrior dragons, have been stolen from their sacred vault and hatched.  The warrior dragons make their stronghold in the province of Jaarn and soon spread their sinister influence across Jonda.

The Hawthic clans, usually solitary and fighting amongst themselves, have banded together with other ignoble races under the banners of Jaarn and have marched on Calon, the largest and richest province on Jonda.  Although Calon's armies have taken the field against Jaarn's hosts, the warrior dragons are using their powerful sorcery to invoke storms and pestilence that ravage the ranks of the Calonites.  It's beginning to look as if no army can stand before Jaarn's dragons.

Meanwhile, Hawthic slave raiders have abducted the beautiful and wealthy Princess of Calon and dragged her into Talston Marsh during the course of their escape.  In Talston Marsh the Sillion Warlord D'Lyon rescues Taala with the aid of his avlon,a winged monstrosity of a beast having the power and stature to match any dragon.  Smitten by the uncommon beauty of the Calon Princess, D'Lyon invokes the common law of the land to lay a claim of ownership on her, as he has won her in battle.

Not only is Taala determined to thwart the warrior's claim, but D'Lyon has to fight all manners of adversaries, as well as the girl's own efforts to escape him.

D'Lyon discovers the true nature of the evil facing Jonda.  As the War Master of the Sillion clans, he realizes that the task of halting this evil falls to him.  D'Lyon is but a Sillion warrior of the Fifth Order, and ancient lore states a Sillion warrior of the Seventh Order is needed to destroy a black dragon.  He must either find a way to compensate for his shortcomings or watch his world fall beneath the shadow of Jaarn.

D'Lyon must now gather the forces necessary to defeat the armies of Jaarn.  He knows, too, that ultimately he must meet the warrior dragons face to face and destroy them in mortal combat, just as his ancestors did in the Age of Darkness.  Equally aware of the score he must settle with the Calon Princess, D'Lyon is determined to bring her to heel and quench the fires her beauty has stirred in him.

Opportunity for revenge soon presents itself to D'Lyon for Taala falls within his grasp even as the Sillion army is now advancing on Calon in a desperate bid to save that province.  D'Lyon knows that if Jaarn's forces cannot be stopped there, then all of Jonda will likely fall to the warrior dragons of Jaarn. 

Will Taala prove to be a distraction that will be D'yon's undoing and ultimately tip the fate of Jonda into darkness?  Will D'Lyon rise to combat the warrior dragons even though he lacks the skills, will power and knowledge of the Seventh Order?

Order Book One: Warlords of the Fire Mountains now to learn the fate of the Warlord and the Princess.


Book Two:  Warrior Dragons of Jaarn

Trade Paperback ● 352 pages ● ISBN:  0-9717559-1-4


The epic saga continues.


The black warrior dragons are waging full-scale war across Jonda with the aid of their sinister Lacotta priests.  With their vast legions continuing to advance upon Calon, they are threatening to destroy that powerful sovereignty.

The Sillion army, only twenty-five thousand strong, takes the field against a force many times its number.  Behind the infamous fighting skills of the Sillion warriors and the stratagems of D'Lyon, they outmaneuver and scatter their enemies, routing them from the field of battle. The heady spirit of victory is running high across the lands.  Those in hiding flock to the cause.  The Sillion army, it seems, cannot be beaten. 

But D'Lyon's small legion, reduced now to under twenty thousand men, cannot stand before the sheer weight and numbers of the armies arrayed against him.  Step by step they are forced to retreat.  Soon Calon itself is overrun, and victory appears hopeless. 

Then the ultimate challenge befalls our hero:  He and his avlon must face not one, but two warrior dragons in mortal combat.  D'Lyon must kill them both or all will be lost.  It has never been done in all the ages past, not even by a Sillion warrior of the Seventh Order, and D'Lyon is only a Sillion warrior of the Fifth Order.  It is an impossible task, yet all destiny hangs in the balance. 

          Interwoven with this drama is the intensely burning desire of D’Lyon to free himself of his need for the Princess of Calon.  She has become a distraction to his concentration, one he cannot afford.  She, however, has fallen deeply, hopelessly in love with this warlord upon whose shoulders not only her fate rests but that of all on Jonda.  Even as he rebuffs her for her past actions, she seeks to be at his side.  What sacrifice must she make to prove herself worthy of his love?  Will D’Lyon open his heart to the Princess or define her as a casualty of a greater war? 

Perhaps more importantly, can D'Lyon and his avlon prevail against the evil forces of Jaarn?  Any love D'Lyon and Taala could find in the ashes of their beleaguered world would be fleeting, if the Sillion warrior and his avlon cannot.  And if they do, how will D’Lyon and the Princess Taala resolve their seemingly bitter differences?  

Order Book II:  Warrior Dragons of Jaarn.  The adventure awaits you!